Nic Shots & Salts

Nicotine Salt e-Liquids are made with the natural salt found within tobacco leaves, creating a smoother, less harsh throat hit when vaped. This allows new vapers to use higher Nicotine (usually 10 or 20mg). Nicotine Salts also known as Nic Salts are absorbed faster than traditional e-liquids, creating a nicotine "fix" similar to smoking.

Nic Salts are usually higher in PG as they are designed to work with all starter kit and pod style devices, this makes sense as Nic salts are usually aimed towards new vapers.

Nic Salts paired up with a small starter kit and/or Pod device is an excellent choice as a first time vape kit and eLiquid combo, but also excellent as a second setup for any experienced vapers on the move due to its small form factor and less intrusive vapour production.